Feel, try and experience in the LAURE&LAY boutique for bridal shoes in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf.

Our demand for timeless beauty is not only reflected by our beautiful LAURE&LAY shoes. The wearable works of art naturally deserve a home that does justice to their aesthetics and presents them in an evocative manner. Our lovingly furnished boutique in popular Meerbusch, only a short hop from the fashion metropolis of Düsseldorf, is such a place and allows you to experience and try on our favorites up close in a unique atmosphere.

Buy evening shoes & bridal shoes in Düsseldorf

Every woman knows that feeling of happily holding a brand new shoe in her hand, knowingthat it will take a very special place in her home closet. In our LAURE&LAY boutique we want to provide such moments of happiness with a lot of heart and passion and help women to find that special shoe that they will never want to take off again.

A shoe that serves as a faithful companion in the most special moment of their lives. A shoe that only by wearing it, takes its owner down a walk on memory lane. Our premises are made to lose yourself in our little shoe dreamworld and to start picturing the upcoming, unique moments ahead of you.

Make an appointment and visit our boutique in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf.

… just like entering an art-gallery.

Our boutique serves just like a small art-gallery for moments you never want to forget. Across romantically furnished 30 sqm, you may wander over the shiny wooden floor full of anticipation and fall in love with our high quality designs. We look forward to every visit! Enjoy your fitting in a private atmosphere and easily book an appointment online.


If there is no suitable date for you, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at hallo@laure-lay.com – together we will surely find your desired date, even outside our regular appointments.

Find the right size for your shoe

To give you the best advice on choosing your shoe size, we have compiled a size chart for you. To measure your foot, just follow the picture below and compare your values with the chart. A little tip from us: For LAURE&LAY evening/bridal shoes you should definitely choose one size smaller than your regular shoe size for casual shoes like sneakers or sports shoes.

Foot length in cm EU US UK
22,1 35 5 3
22,7 36 6 4
23,3 37 6,5 4,5
23,6 37,5 7 5
24,0 38 7,5 5,5
24,3 38,5 7,5 5,5
24,7 39 8 6
25,0 39,5 8,5 6,5
25,4 40 9 7
25,8 40,5 9,5 7,5
26,0 41 9,5 7,5
26,4 41,5 10 8
26,8 42 10,5 8,5
27,1 42,5 11 9
27,5 43 11,5 9,5