Tradition rewritten

Traditions are both anchor and guide to our lives. They connect us with people who share similar values. The LAURE&LAY team rewrites tradition by combining all-time values from the past with distinct visions for the future. As a result, we achieve a memorable style LAURE&LAY calls Modern Romance.


Timeless love stories

The people behind the LAURE&LAY brand are hopeful romantics who turn away from fast-moving trends. We create timeless love stories for our products.

We love the beautiful things in life.

Our inspiration is the ever-present beauty of art and design. Our products are made to remain elegant, modern and contemporary. The hands of so many tradition-minded people who work our fine leathers and materials with so much love and dedication give our shoes a soul, a piece of materialized tradition, a piece of Italy.

Strong personalities

The woman who is inspired by a LAURE&LAY shoe is not just a face in the big crowd.

Neither does she stick to monotonous traditions, or falls for every short-living trend. She is a strong personality. She loves modern, elegant simplicity. Nevertheless, she is fond of details and can accurately assess values. She loves contemporary design and she loves things with soul.

We want to share our values and our tradition with these strong, feminine personalities, regardless of culture, status and external appearance.

Find the right size for your shoe

To give you the best advice on choosing your shoe size, we have compiled a size chart for you. To measure your foot, just follow the picture below and compare your values with the chart. A little tip from us: For LAURE&LAY evening/bridal shoes you should definitely choose one size smaller than your regular shoe size for casual shoes like sneakers or sports shoes.

Foot length in cm EU US UK
22,1 35 5 3
22,7 36 6 4
23,3 37 6,5 4,5
23,6 37,5 7 5
24,0 38 7,5 5,5
24,3 38,5 7,5 5,5
24,7 39 8 6
25,0 39,5 8,5 6,5
25,4 40 9 7
25,8 40,5 9,5 7,5
26,0 41 9,5 7,5
26,4 41,5 10 8
26,8 42 10,5 8,5
27,1 42,5 11 9
27,5 43 11,5 9,5