The designer of LAURE&LAY

Fragrant leather, stylish craftsmanship and unconditional passion for good design. Growing up with these ‘ingredients’ and values you probably can’t help but – when time has come – also dedicate yourself entirely and full of devotion to the development of high-quality shoes.


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A decades-long love story

After studying in Singapore and Germany, our designer Roman Laure later learned to appreciate not only his new favorite language, but above all the craft of authentic shoe manufactures in Italy.

After years of experience with this wonderful product and the observation that shoes had to surrender to the increasingly consumerist price competition, Roman, together with his wife Wulea, decided to bring the very philosophy — he had learned to appreciate and to love so much in Italy — to the rest of the world with his own brand. Timeless, sustainable and eye-catching works of art for women who dream of a precious shoe for special moments and actually don’t want to take it off. The birth of LAURE&LAY.

Unconditional demand

A shoe that has so much charisma that you would like to display it. Made where artful craftsmanship is part of the daily lives, in Italy.

Whoever reads these lines understands the claim of the people who have been engaged in the development of high-quality shoes for decades. Such passion and sense of aesthetics are difficult to learn. Rather, it is a mission that over the years has become a compass for the lives of Roman Laure and his wife Wulea. A compass that is now designed to help women walk confidently, elegantly and securely through their special moments in life, making them even more memorable.

LAURE&LAY is not a startup, but already in its fourth generation. Our enormous expertise and our love for the aesthetically sophisticated manufacturing of a LAURE&LAY women’s shoe define our brand and the extraordinary standard of our work.

Find the right size for your shoe

To give you the best advice on choosing your shoe size, we have compiled a size chart for you. To measure your foot, just follow the picture below and compare your values with the chart. A little tip from us: For LAURE&LAY evening/bridal shoes you should definitely choose one size smaller than your regular shoe size for casual shoes like sneakers or sports shoes.

Foot length in cm EU US UK
22,1 35 5 3
22,7 36 6 4
23,3 37 6,5 4,5
23,6 37,5 7 5
24,0 38 7,5 5,5
24,3 38,5 7,5 5,5
24,7 39 8 6
25,0 39,5 8,5 6,5
25,4 40 9 7
25,8 40,5 9,5 7,5
26,0 41 9,5 7,5
26,4 41,5 10 8
26,8 42 10,5 8,5
27,1 42,5 11 9
27,5 43 11,5 9,5