Shoe care – For many moments in your life.

So that your LAURE&LAY shoe can accompany you for many years, the high-quality materials deserve appropriate care. We have listed just the best care instructions and products for you. If you have any further questions about shoe care, please feel free to contact us via our contact form – we will be happy to help you!

Before the first wear
  • We recommend wearing your shoes at least once before your showing up to your special event. It helps to wear them in just a bit.
  • If possible, avoid walking on cobblestones, coarse gravel or on wet meadows. This will protect the fine leather.
  • Store your shoes in the shoe box designed for this purpose. It protects them from dust and light.
  • Store your shoes in a dry place, not exposed to direct sunlight.
  • To keep the shape of your shoes, use shoe trees or stuff them with unbleached and dye-free paper.
Care for materials
  • You can treat nappa leather and metallic leather with a fine transparent shoe polish from a specialist retailer.
  • For patent leather, use a patent leather care product from a specialist retailer.
  • You can clean suede with a soft, transparent eraser.
  • Do not rub the leather with a damp cloth or sponge.

Find the right size for your shoe

To give you the best advice on choosing your shoe size, we have compiled a size chart for you. To measure your foot, just follow the picture below and compare your values with the chart. A little tip from us: For LAURE&LAY evening/bridal shoes you should definitely choose one size smaller than your regular shoe size for casual shoes like sneakers or sports shoes.

Foot length in cm EU US UK
22,1 35 5 3
22,7 36 6 4
23,3 37 6,5 4,5
23,6 37,5 7 5
24,0 38 7,5 5,5
24,3 38,5 7,5 5,5
24,7 39 8 6
25,0 39,5 8,5 6,5
25,4 40 9 7
25,8 40,5 9,5 7,5
26,0 41 9,5 7,5
26,4 41,5 10 8
26,8 42 10,5 8,5
27,1 42,5 11 9
27,5 43 11,5 9,5